The first invention of a computer seems like a million years ago. Many work places used to hire equipment whereas, nowadays people carry their technological phone in their pockets.

Augmented reality is next on the list of technological advances from smart glasses, smart watches and even smart robots. AR technology is already popular in the likes of the ever so popular snapchat and Pokemon Go and is advancing at speed.

AR technology is set to be cool within businesses soon where managers can order their employees to use headsets with little concern about the social side of things. In other words, AR seems likely to follow in the footsteps of mobile phones. Where mobiles were chunky, brick-sized monstrosities to begin with, now look at how many sleek and stylish products there are out there now.

Although right now you may not be seen wearing smart glasses on a night out, that time is not far away! Nonetheless, it is cool to be up to date with accounting technologies. Want to know more? Contact RBL today and one of the team will be able to discuss the benefits of cloud accounting for your business | 02895320155

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