Advances in technology in recent years has vastly increased the amount of data generated by even modestly sized businesses. Many are tempted to generate mountains of reports which are often printed out and stored, which is costly and inefficient.

However, technology is also coming to the rescue. For example, some apps can scan and store information electronically, reducing your burden on the world’s rain forests!

At RBL, we have been using a wide range of clever cloud based accounting solutions for years. A great example that many of our clients use is Receipt Bank. Here’s how It works:

  1. No more boxes of paper receipts. Take a photo of your paperwork with the Receipt Bank app on your smart phone, email them in, or upload receipts and invoices directly via desktop.
  2. The technology quickly scans, extracts and organises key information from all of your invoices and receipts, saving you from laborious data entry.
  3. Receipt Bank integrates directly with your cloud based accounting system (such as Xero) and pushes the data through automatically, allowing you to make quick work of bank reconciliations, payroll and sales.
  4. Copies of all your original documentation is stored electronically in your accounting system, meaning no more paper storage and fast access to documents should you need them.

No more entering data manually, searching through mountains of paper to obtain information and no lost paperwork.  Combining Receipt Bank with cloud based accounting software such as Xero, means you have secure and safe online storage, accessible 24/7 with just one click.  It couldn’t be easier!

Want to find out more about how easy it is to go paperless?  Contact us today and speak to one of our cloud accounting experts on 02895320155 or email info@rossboyd.co.uk.







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