Disasters come in many forms and all have the same effect…..possibly stopping your business in its tracks! Such events can include cyber-attacks, natural catastrophes, human error, pandemics, accidental damages etc. Planning for disruptions like these should happen when your business is going well, not when disaster strikes. Your business could face significant “down-time” if unprepared.

We of course hope that our continuity plan won’t have to be activated, however we believe it is incredibly important in modern business to not only have a plan in place, but to have confidence in it.

So, Friday 6 March 2020 marked the day we tested out our business continuity plan. Having ensured we had the tools, technology and security measures in place, we closed our office doors on Thursday and all employees worked remotely on Friday.

It’s with great pleasure that we are announcing the success of this exercise!

We began the day, as we always do, with our internal meetings to briefly run through our workloads. To enable us to continue this remotely we used the conference call functionality on Microsoft Teams, which ran as smoothly as it would have had we been in the office. Video conferencing was an option, however on this occasion (National Employee Appreciation Day) we opted for voice calling and allowed our staff the privacy of working from home in their pyjamas, although they mightn’t admit to that! Throughout the day Microsoft Teams was used amongst the staff to stay in touch and ask any questions needed.

All other software we use on a day-to-day basis is cloud based, allowing us to work effectively from any location with not much difference to that of the office when paired with connected mobile devices. Mind you it did make some of us realise how spoiled we are in the office with our two screens per person.

We have been paperless as a business for 5years and using cloud products for nearly a decade via a range of suppliers.

We consider this time spent testing out our continuity plan as an investment in our company and can now rest assured that, in the event of a disaster, we should be able to continue delivering services to clients as normal.

We are here to help and happy to discuss your business arrangements. Get in touch with the Ross Boyd Chartered Accountants team on 02895 320155, or email us at info@rossboyd.co.uk.

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