Over the last ten years accounting systems for small and medium enterprises have changed dramatically, largely due to the development of accounting systems into cloud based or internet based systems.

  • This combined with the development of mobile phone networks and smart phones, and tablets that operate on those networks has changed most business owners contact with their accounting records.
  • RB have been at the forefront of innovative systems developments for small and medium businesses for over fifteen years. We believe that the choice of business systems is not a simple one size fits all. We believe that to get the right systems for your business, that a process of defining your requirements and making a selection against those requirements, and adapting the system or the business processes to create the optimum fit is critical to get a competitive advantage in deploying modern operational systems.
  • Since its formation, RB have worked with over a hundred businesses to develop their accounting and business systems, to truly modern products. The adoption of modern mobile accounting and business systems enables RB to understand clients, work with them remotely and provide business support in a way that was not possible a number of years ago for most small businesses.
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