RB+ is a firm of more than Chartered Accountants. We believe strategy is critical to business and its owners in enabling them to achieve positive results.

Over the last 20 years the RB+ leadership has developed an approach to business strategy, focusing on small and medium enterprises to facilitate business planning in a way that helps businesses achieve their goals. This approach is enshrined in how RB+ works with its clients to ensure optimum results.

At RB+ we believe that it is fundamental that we focus on a business’s future and what it wants to achieve rather than looking back at results that have already occurred.

In the development of strategies with clients we use tried and trusted techniques to develop business plans that are robust and fully understood by clients so that they can go straight to the implementation stage. Our skill at independently reviewing and delivering facilitated workshops assists this process.

Clearly no business strategy is going to work if it’s not adequately financed or tax considered, and at RB+ we bring real expertise in delivering practical financing solutions for small and medium enterprises. We are regulated to conduct a range of investment business and work with a number of FCA regulated brokers to ensure you have the best options available.

We also have a range of relationships with core investor groups, crowd funders and debt financing institutions to enable us to help businesses achieve the financing that best suits their plans.

We provide a range of analysis, forecasting, business planning, marketing, and negotiation services to enable buying and selling of businesses for our clients. These Business Advice skills are subtle and based on a comprehensive range of skills and expertise.

If you want to get your organisation’s strategy moving forward to need business advice lets arrange a consultation.

Ready to Achieve Results? Ready to Achieve Results?