We provide a comprehensive tax advisory service, from compliance through to strategic advice.

  • We understand it was Benjamin Franklin that was quoted as saying ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxation’.
  • So while RB is not focused on the former, we believe taxation is an absolutely key consideration for anyone running a business, or seeking to retire effectively. For many business owners their affairs will have a certain level of complexity in relation to taxation. This is often because they’re shareholders in limited companies, directors in limited companies and while they will have personal taxation issues they need to also consider the taxation issues for the company, which may be operating in multiple jurisdictions, which have their own tax rules.
  • The team at RB give specialist taxation advice to individuals and companies in the UK and Irish markets. Aligned with our strategic advice, we believe it’s important to look at tax planning at an early stage so that any tax payer has an understanding of what taxes that they’re likely to incur as a result of transactions or business activity that they’re undertaking.
  • Appropriate tax planning may substantially change the level of taxation that is incurred. So whether you need to take advice in relation to payroll, VAT, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, income tax or corporation tax, the team at RB is ready and able to help.
Need Tax support?Need Tax support?