The Glastonbury weekend has come and gone, featuring a plethora of music acts, and hundreds of thousands of music fans embracing the world-famous festival. With the festival season in full swing, we have a few pointers on how businesses can take financial inspiration from the event.

  1. Preparation is key

You will be sadly disappointed if you believe you can rock up to the concert ticketless, hoping for entry. Instead, you must apply, get registered, get prepared for the waiting game to obtain tickets. For business, being prepared is also key. Expecting to walk into HMRC at the end of each financial year unprepared with a bag full of paper records will only lead to disappointment. All businesses, large or small, need to be prepared for the financial deadlines and obligations for each year. The future is paperless with Making Tax Digital on centre stage.

  1. Prepare for all weathers

Each year, the fields of music festivals are littered with people, battered by the elements, whether that be too much sun or too much rain. Being prepared for all weathers is the smart option. Running a business to expect only blue skies, will spell for great difficulty when the thunder comes rolling in. Sound financial planning can help businesses shield from upcoming storms. Great entrepreneurs have a vision and plan which can be tested and monitored – how’s your shaping up?

  1. Security

Whilst the vast majority of festival goers will be there for the festivities only, keeping yourself and your valuables secure at festivals has proven difficult over the years. However, with greater availability of security lock ups, and the embracing of contactless card payments, the threat of pickpockets has been reduced. Is your business secure? Cyber security breaches are a modern-day pickpocket. Ross Boyd Limited use secure cloud based technology, keeping data safe. Clouds are here to stay and GDPR is just around the corner so better get ready!

  1. Get Creative

In a crowd of 100,000 people, you have to get creative in order to stand out from the crowd. Businesses can embrace the creative standards of the Glastonbury flag bearers to make their business noticeable in a crowd. USP is not a delivery firm but what you need to tell everyone about your business. If you know the answer to this have you broadcast it clearly on social media – We are special because…

  1. Embracing technology

From contactless tickets, to 24-hour phone charging, festivals have adapted to keep its participants connected to modern technology.  Businesses should keep up to date on the latest technologies to improve and simplify their work. Ross Boyd Limited has embraced cloud-based technology like Xero, allowing you to make key business decisions, from your office, to the fields of Glastonbury itself. How many years ago did you get your first smartphone? Take the answer to that question and look forward the same number of years. What will your business be using then for technology? Chances are to stay competitive or indeed get ahead of the pack you need to change things.


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