Tofu. Brussel Sprouts. Marmite. Microsoft Excel.

What do the above have in common? People either love or hate them.

While Microsoft Excel may not be an edible piece of food, people either love or hate walking through the doors at 9.00am to sit down with the green “XL” logo. But why the negativity?

Excel is associated with complex formulas and distorted programming codes. It has a reputation for being unfriendly for the average Joe conducting everyday tasks.  It is frustrating when error messages appear or cells don’t add up, however, most problems can be fixed with the click of a button.

One very common problem on Excel is when the numbers in a column just don’t add up.  This can happen when a cell has been accidentally hidden or the wrong cell reference has been used in the formula. This is very easily rectified by selecting the entire worksheet, right clicking on a column/row and selecting “UNHIDE” or double-checking that you have entered the correct cell reference. It’s that simple!

Microsoft offers endless free tutorials on using Excel. Whether you have a basic or complex problem, do not hesitate to take their tutorials. They will make the rest of your working life so much easier.

You can find the training for excel here

Don’t dread that early start in work. Make Excel your colleague for life.

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Written by Luke Bradley, Cloud Accountant 17/07/2017



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